Monday, November 12, 2007

The right pond

On Sunday, 4 November 2007 after 13 weeks of eastward movement we finally saw the Atlantic Ocean in Nags Head, NC. It was incredible. We rode a total of 4518 miles in 385 hours, at an average of 11.74 mph. That's 16.4 days of steady riding. We were gone 91 days, of which we rode 77, rested 10, and took 4 sick days. We have been asked by several people what we do all day. As it turns out we spend about 20% of our time riding, 20% finding food, 20% eating food, 35% sleeping, and 5% random down time. This was an outstanding trip and an amazing way to travel. If you ever get the chance to take such a trip do it, eat peanut m&ms, drink lots of chocolate milk, and prepare for great trip.

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