Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Is it "Miz-or-ee" or "Miz-er-a"?

With 80-90 degree highs, the steepest hills in on the route, and the least friendly motorists we've encountered, turns out it's actually pronunced "Misery". Misssouri has been called a self propelled rollercoaster and it's painfully true. In a quarter mile we would go from our low gears to high gears and back, or 40mph to 3, back to 40. It'd probably be fun with nice weather and a lighter bike.

The hills were pretty exciting at first because we had just spent a week in flat Kansas. After grunting up 15% grades for a week we missed flat ground and friendly people. I was expecting Kansas to be my least favorite place on the route, but in hindsight the wind wasn't that bad and the people were so nice it made the state pretty enjoyable.

We were both pretty excited our last day in Missouri. We just wanted to leave the state, but also to cross the Mississippi River. We were expecting a great milestone, but instead we just feared for our life. The bridge was narrow and the traffic was heavy. We held up a nice line of cars as we climbed slowly (slow, but as fast as we could go) over the bridge. That part was kind of fun.

We won't be in Illinois for too long. We're taking a rest day in Carbondale today and we hope to clear the rest of the state tomorrow. Kentucky will be the next state and we hear there's a lot of dogs. They do make some tasty burbon there, so it shouldn't be too bad.

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Eli said...

F yeah! You go Pat! I'm really jealous of what you're doing, I really want to try touring. Instead, I'm here in Portland, trying to find a job in a bike shop. I have a few good leads.
Anyway, keep the blog going, and I can't wait till you're back here in P-town so we can have a beer, talk it up, and go MTBing. Woohoo!!!