Sunday, October 28, 2007

This state borders the Atlantic

Juliette and I finally made it to Virginia after two weeks in Kentucky. While this isn't the state we'll finish in, it does border water and makes us feel like we might actually finish this trip. I was estimating 10-12 weeks. Today is the last day of week 12 and we have at least a week left. We're looking into alternate routes to shave some time. We also hit the 4000 miles mark in Council, VA (good luck finding it on a map), which means we should only have 200 left in our 4200 miles trip. HA! It'll be closer to 4600-4800.

Fall is officially here. Today was pretty cold all day and we're seeing a lot of trees without leaves. There's even a freeze warning tonight, the first of the year, but luckily we're being hosted by Dr. Thad. He's a bit of a cyclist himself and he, along with his wife Sara and son, host TranAm cyclists. Sara made us breakfast for dinner, we're doing laundry now, and a hot shower awaits us before we sleep in a real bed. It's wonderful. We first heard about Thad from the Eco Patriots (google them), this group we met in Farmington, and then again from a bike journal in Kentucky. There's a lot of word of mouth lodging on this route that's not on the maps. It's really pretty cool.

The last few days have been back breaking. We had the toughest climb of the trip a couple days ago on RT 611 in Kentucky. My back thinks it was an 8-10% grade for almost 2 miles, but it could be wrong. I stood for over a mile going 3-4mph. It hurt, but was find of fun at the same time. We've had a few of these Rockies meets Ozarks type climbs and all of them reward us with a rad descent. For those of you in Eugene, think a Briggs or McBeth style descent, but 2-5 miles long... pretty sweet.

According to Thad we only have a day left in the hills before things flatten out. We'll probably take one more rest day after tomorrow and then make our way to Nags Head. After 12 weeks it's hard to believe we're almost done.

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